The benefits of plastic storage bins

Those who run a business will find they have a number of storage options available to them, including a wide array of shelving and storage crates and bins. The efficiency and success of any organisation are dependent on the storage, protection and ability to display inventory. 

Why use plastic storage bins?

There are a number of reasons to make use of plastic storage bins, and the necessity of mobile storage choices can vary depending on a variety of different factors such as the industry and inventory involved, and the layout of the particular workplace. 

When inventory is stored on the floor it results in the creation of clutter and possible safety hazards. It can also damage items and cause a reduction in the efficiency of distribution. Not all inventory types need expensive and heavy-duty metal shelving systems. 

Plastic versus wooden storage bins

While there are some advantages to wooden storage bins such as low cost, they are also much more prone to damage than is the case with plastic storage bins. Wood is susceptible to moisture, can suffer damage from insects and is also much more likely to splinter or crack as a result of being dropped or even just from regular use. 

On the other hand, high-quality plastic storage bins from RS Components are still fairly inexpensive and even the more expensive options remain cost-effective on account of their durability over the long term. 

Easier cleaning

Wooden storage bins are porous and can absorb water and then be adversely affected by moisture and lose their structural integrity, with that porosity also encouraging the growth of bacteria. 

Metals on the other hand are susceptible to rust and while many companies produce metal storage options that are plated or powder-coated that plating and coating can wear away with time. 

However modern plastics are by their very nature impervious to water and will maintain their appearance while enabling easy cleaning. When sterility is important some plastic storage bins are even autoclavable. An empty plastic storage bin can often be easily cleaned with just water and detergent. 


One of the most obvious benefits of plastic storage bins is their cost. Plastic storage bins are an inexpensive and simple choice for budget-conscious businesses that are looking for methods of improving efficiency while remaining within their budget. 


The majority of plastic storage bins are impact-resistant and will be capable of withstanding rough or careless handling. While plastic is not as durable or strong as steel there are very few instances in which it would have to be. 

Less prone to accident

Metal shelving can be difficult to manoeuvre, not least because of how heavy they are, but plastic storage bins are fairly lightweight and thus a lot easier to move. The majority of plastic storage bins today also come with anti-slip bottoms, making accidental falls and slips considerably less likely. 

Safety is of paramount importance to the health of workers, and plastic storage bins also reduce the likelihood of damage to inventory while it is being stored or transported. 

Plastic storage bins offer a multitude of benefits to the storage of items in a safe and efficient manner. 



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