What is the basic that you should know before buying Table Tennis Tables in Australia?

First of all, on your floor space, measure out the dimensions of the Table Tennis Table. When you figure out where the edge of the table would be, just stand behind it check whether you can swing your hand freely and that you have enough room to play. Also, outstretch your hands fully and check whether you can play the wide shots and also the sideways movement. You will have more fun if you have more room to play. Also, you might have to consider an outdoor table instead, if you don’t have enough room inside. Also for smaller indoor spaces, you can also consider mini or midi Table Tennis Tables in Australia. 

It’s quite easy to take care of your Table Tennis Tables in Australia. You can just wipe it over with a chamois or a damp sponge, in case you have an outdoor model. Also, you can use Windex if you have an indoor model. More than removing marks, it will bring out the colors of your table. But yes you should be aware of the fact that as far as wooden table surfaces are concerned, no cleaner can remove all the ball scuff marks. Table TennisTables in Australia need to be cleaned only 3 to 4 times a year. You should always use the cleaner sparingly. The surface can become shiny on account of too much cleaning. Also, you should remember not to put any food or drinks in your Table Tennis Tables. 

If you are using an outdoor table which are exposed to the harsh environmental conditions, and also stored outside, you are always recommended to use table covers. In case of indoor tables, if your storage area is not prone to lots of dust, then there is no need of table covers. 

Questions that may crop up in your mind once you consider purchasing Table Tennis Tables in Australia:-

(1) Competition or Recreational Table: 

If you are looking for the best bounce and an ultra-strong table, or if you are purchasing a table for official competitions, then the best way to go is to purchase an ITTF approves Table Tennis Tables in Australia. 

For national, international and Olympics championships, ITTF approved Table TennisTables in Australia are always used.  Before being with approved with approved status, they are fully tested for bounce quality by the ITTF. An ITTF approved table is usually 22mm or thicker, so you really don’t need this kind of table if you are planning for recreational use. But, yes always remember the more thickly the table, the better the bounce. 

ITTF approved Table Tennis Tables in Australia, have a thicker playing surface and also a stronger wheel structure and frame to carry the heavier surface. If properly taken care, an ITTF table will definitely last longer as they are ultra-strong.  Also, you should take note of the fact that for official sanctioned competition, there are no approved outdoor Table Tennis Tables in Australia

(2) A 1 piece table or a 2 piece table: 

When in a one single unit, all the parts of the table like the legs, frame and the playing tops are connected on a trolley system, we call it a 1 piece table. Many of the 1 piece Table Tennis Tables in Australia comes with the net being part of the table structure, so you get relieved of the daily task of putting it on and taking it off again and again. 

A 2 piece table is in two separate autonomous halves. With the help of the net and posts at the middle, you connect the two parts which keeps it all together. For added stability, most 2 piece Table Tennis Tables in Australiahave brakes, although not quite essential. Compared to 1 piece table, 2 piece table designs has several advantages. Not only it takes much less space when stored, but also it is easier and lighter to move around if you only move one half of the table at a time. Also, 2 piece Table Tennis tables in Australia also facilitate playback practice mode. 

Key Takeaway: 

So, if you are really passionate about Table Tennis and looking for a suitable table for the game, you should always opt for Table Tennis tables in Australia which offers several benefits and that too at affordable rates. Just get hold of the best Table Tennis Tables inAustralia and spend a good time with your friends and family members and that too from the comfort of your home


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