Why Your Air Conditioning System is Not Blowing Cold Air

Your air conditioning system might be one of the largest and the most important home appliance you’ll investing on. It is responsible to blow cold air on warm days. But it might not do so due to several cases. From a dirty filter that needs replacing or some more technical or even electrical issues, there can be several factors that prevent your air conditioning system to blow cold air when you need it.

For any trouble with your AC unit, you can always connect with trusted central air conditioning services in Sterling Heights. But before you do that, go through this blog that rounds up why your air conditioning system is not blowing cold air and what you can do about it.

Faulty Capacitors

The compressor in your air conditioning system is one of the most important components of your AC unit. And it acts just like a heart. When starting your AC unit, the compressor needs to be supplied with a jolt of power and subsequent jolts to keep it running. This jolt of power comes from the capacitor located near the compressor in your AC unit. 

The capacitor is responsible for holding power and when it’s time for the compressor to run the capacitor supplies power to it and your AC system starts running. If something goes wrong with your capacitor, your AC system will not run or blow cold air.

The two main enemies of your AC unit are heat and power surges. And if something goes wrong with your capacitor, you’ll have to go for an AC repair. 

The best way to make sure your capacitor is up and running is to take care of your AC’s overall health.

A Dirty Air Filter

Another reason that can cause your AC system to not blow in cold air is the air filter. During its peak consumption season, dirt, dust and other foreign debris might block cold air from blowing in. 

Dirty or blocked air filters can cause your unit to cool unevenly, so that some rooms might get too cold while other rooms seem to be not receiving any cold air at all. Blocked filters are responsible for trapping cold air around the AC coils and cause icing issue that might eventually cause water damage from ice.

Also, with dirty filters, the quality of indoor air that you breathe will not be free from harmful bacteria that might result in allergies. 

Any filter repair requires professional AC system inspection and HVAC maintenance by experts. 

Thermostat and Cooling Switch Issues

The thermostat of your AC unit is like the user interface between you and your air conditioner. If your thermostat be of old analog type, it might go out of calibration or basic malfunctions and may fail at any time just like any other appliance in your home. 

Any issues with the thermostat will require a close inspection by HVAC repair professionals and then go for a repair or replacement. 

Keep the Conditioning Coils Clean

Another factor that may cause your AC system to not blow cold air is unclean condensing coils. So, make sure you flush them out with water periodically. Also clean the tiny aluminum cooling fins surrounding the coils. 

A dirty coil or bent fins can cause your AC system to function improperly and not allow cold air to blow.

Mentioned above are some of the most common circumstances when your AC does not blow in cold air. 

In many cases the best you can do is connect with trusted central air conditioning services in Sterling Heights. They will inspect your system for any type of issues and make sure your unit performs optimally


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