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Businesspally inkle Basic To-dos for Email Marketing to work

Email marketing is still very effective, and you can add it to your marketing arsenal in this 2022.

However, the basic things that make email marketing works are often neglected, and here,  we would discuss with you some basic to-dos of email marketing for beginners and pros.

Your first To-do:

The first thing is to determine and clarify exactly who your customer is and what they want to get from you (when).

After your customer is clearly in front of your eyes, you can create a meaningful order of your offers. The order is based exclusively on the needs of your customer!

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your customer if you want to create successful email series that actually sell in the end, says businesspally boss.

Ideally, a series of e-mails always leads from one offer to the next meaningful offer. 

Whereby offer does not always mean subject to a charge. Of course you have to plan this so that your strategy works. 

Your e-mail marketing concept therefore always needs an overview of your entire business, chaktty argued.

For me, email marketing is above all a “linking tool” between your different marketing channels, business pally boss affirmed.

If you use it effectively, your sales will increase dramatically! – The prerequisite is always that you provide your customer with the right information at the moment! And this results in the second ToDo.

Your second ToDo:

Create (for your customer) a meaningful sequence of offers.

Now the main thing is to create content that is relevant to the topic and valuable for your customers.

 Your series therefore always refers to what your customer has just requested from you. It doesn’t matter whether he bought something or a free offer is the trigger of the series. 

If your content relates to what your customer wants, then you definitely have content that is relevant to your customer. 

Your second goal with the content is to really help. If you always have this goal in mind, 80% of your series is already done. 

From these two points you can then derive the questions about the length of the e-mail, the frequency and the time intervals.

There is no such thing as “too long” or “too short”, “too often” or “too rarely” when you orient yourself to the needs of your customers. 

Your third ToDo is therefore

Answer the (marketing) questions while writing your emails.

If you ask yourself these questions while writing your email series, the email series will definitely bring the desired result. For you and your customers! 

This is not easy to implement because it requires some thought (preliminary) work, but it is definitely worth it!

That’s probably quite a lot to look out for…!? – If you want to make your series effective, these are the thoughts you need. 

You can look through this article for your first series and check whether you have met all the criteria… In any case, you are off to a very good start. 

I always like to create a checklist for such tasks, which I can use to check whether I have thought of all the steps! 

But before you get started, there is one last, very important question to be answered!

When does an e-mail series even make sense for you?

An (automated) e-mail series is often a great way to turn prospects into customers. However, this is not always the most sensible option! 

Why couldn’t it make sense to acquire new customers? – For capacity reasons. 

If you run your business all by yourself and only work 1 to 1, I understand there are other, better ways to fill your calendar. 

If you get too many inquiries, you can’t look after the customers anyway. And email series are clearly designed to reach a lot of people, according to Techpally magazine.

However, if you have one or more offers that you can sell as many times as you want – regardless of who you are – email series are perfect because you can then reach and help many more people.

With e-mail series you fill offers that “cope” with a large number of customers.

If you don’t (yet) have such an offer , you don’t (yet) need an e-mail series, but first of all a “scalable offer”.

But if you already have such an offer (or have planned it) , then it makes sense to create an offer sequence with a series of e-mails that (automatically) guide your prospects to your offer.

Such a sequence (I call it a solution path), with all the thoughts involved, is not that easy to implement.

If you want to save yourself detours and want to go your way to successful sales as quickly as possible, get Tech pally email workflow course.

In it I describe every step in detail and take you by the hand until the complete series is complete.


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