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What’s the Best Material for Construction?

When you start thinking of building your dream home or a business plaza or any structure, the question that quickly floods your mind is what sought of material am I going to use and is it the best choice. Construction material is any material used in construction, but the quality of a structure is judged by the quality of the material used to construct it. Most architects and engineers tend to prefer a material that possesses a combination of damage resistance, strength, longevity, ease to work with, availability, costs, and protectiveness. Here are some of the best construction materials.


Concrete combines water, fine and coarse aggregate (recycled concrete, sand, and crushed stone) bound together by cement that hardens over time. Concrete is reinforced to increase its strength and the amount of stress it can handle. Reinforced concrete is a flexible material that can turn into anything you need; all you have to do is pour the concrete into the desired form with a supporting structure lodged in the concrete and let it dry. The use of mesh and metal rods and a less expensive concrete medium make reinforced concrete a reliable, economical, and flexible building choice.


Humans have been using it for almost every construction need for as long as we can remember. Wood is a generic material that you can use in any climate. The ability of wood to be flexible yet still keep its strength is one of the reasons it is a most sought-after construction material. The species from which the wood came is a huge determinant of the wood’s quality and durability. Some species are more potent than others making them more expensive hence different species’ different uses; for example, teak and pine are great for walls, while maple and oak are good for furniture making. Also, wood has got a low carbon footprint.


Bricks are mostly made up of clay, which is formed in a mold and then kiln-fired, after which they are cut into the required shapes. Since bricks can be shaped into different shapes, this gives you more creative control of the structure’s design. The heat involved in making the bricks makes them flame retardant and moist resistant. Brick can be the best economical choice for multi-story buildings when reinforced with concrete. Prominent brick structures include the great wall of china and the most ancient buildings in most cities.


Steel is a metal alloy that consists of iron, carbon, and very often other alloying materials. the composition made up of steel makes it more fracture-resistant and stronger compared to iron. when chromium is added into the mixture, it creates stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Most structural engineers prefer steel, especially a grade of A36 steel, for the structural framework of large industrial facilities and tall, modern buildings because of its strength compared to its size  Steel is not susceptible to fire and termites, and it can also stand up to moisture. Silver or gold can be used to put finishing touches on steel buildings to help class up the building or structure.


Stone is a natural construction material that can also be shaped into the desired form. Stone is highly durable and very resistant to metrological and atmospherical changes. An example is the pyramids at Giza; it’s been thousands of years since those majestic structures were built, but they are still standing and unshaken to date. Stone also offers a wide range of colors, strength, and texture. Stone gives a structure an appearance of strength and permanence, giving you safety and calm.


I know glass as a building material!! Glass-making technology has greatly advanced, making it possible to make glass that is not only strong but glass that can withstand any impact, environmental or elemental change. Glass buildings are mostly found in cities and are usually tall skyscrapers. In today’s society, glass buildings are associated with success, influence, and wealth.

With all the technological changes, innovations, and inventions in the construction industry, you can find many suitable construction materials. Remember that when picking out a construction material, makes sure that you have consulted with your architect or engineer on which material to get.



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