Tips and Tricks For TV Wall Mounting

Did you just purchase a brand new flat-screen television to adorn your living room? You might want to avail the services of TV wall mounting Melbourne. Did you know that the approximate average cost for wall mounting TV in Melbourne can vary from $134 to $633? These costs include labour, materials and equipment, and project fees. 

On average, people watch TV for 147 minutes per day in Melbourne. Plus, over 10 million people own a TV in Melbourne. Moreover, with subscription video on demand, there will be over 3.3 million subscribers by 2022 in Melbourne. Undoubtedly, people love to watch their videos on TV, which is wall mounted. 

You might be wondering how to wall mount tv, isn’t it? This article will enable you to understand the tips and tricks for TV wall mounting Melbourne. 

TV Wall Mounting Tips and Tricks 

Suppose you bought an OLED or LED TV. You might want to mount them on your wall. Mounting these 55-inch and 65-inch TV screens on the wall will enable you to save space and be aesthetically pleasing in your living room. 

Follow these tips and tricks to wall mount your tv: 

Check your TV Specs 

First and foremost, you need to check your TV specification before mounting them. It must have VESA specification mounting holes which are 100mm * 100mm or 300mm * 300mm. The TV should be of a certain weight before buying the wall mount. You’ll probably get this information in the TV manual or on the website of the manufacturer. 

Analyse the Type of Wall Mount You Need 

Depending on the motion you want, you can choose from the following wall mounts: 

  • Articulating Wall Mounts – You get to pull out from the wall, right or left swivels, up or down tilts, and various other movements in this type. 
  • Fixed Wall Mounts- These are fixed close to the wall and offer minimum to zero movements. At the most, you will get to slide the TV sideways to change the position appropriately. 
  • Tilting Wall Mounts- You can tilt these up or down depending on the glare from your window.

Decide Where to Place The TV

Depending on your wall type, studs, and window position, you must decide where to place your TV appropriately. While placing your TV, you must try to avoid any reflection or glare from the windows. Plus, you should get the best viewing distance. 

Further, while deciding where to place the TV, you can realise the type of mount you need. You’ll be able to understand whether you need to move your TV often.  

Decide The Height 

You’ll also need to decide how high you want to mount your TV. Suppose you are lying down; you might want the TV mounted higher. However, while sitting on your couch, you might want it at an eye-level. 

Irrespective, you need to ensure you mount your TV in such a way that you don’t strain your neck or eyes while viewing. The best is to ensure that you can see the centre of your screen when sitting on your couch. 

Understand The Tools Required 

Despite hiring an expert, it will be beneficial to know the tools required to ensure your awareness. To successfully mount the TV, you need a drill, a large Philips screwdriver, a spanner and socket, a pencil and masking tape, spirit level, tape measure, and a wall stud finder. 


In Melbourne, TV viewing is a favourite pastime with several subscribers for VOD and regular TV. Moreover, there are well-known brands selling high-quality OLED and LED TVs in electronic stores. Plus, there are expert services for TV wall mounting in Melbourne

While you can get an expert to mount your TV on the wall, it is necessary to consider the specifications, analyse the wall mount you need, decide where to place the TV and the height, and understand the required tools. Once you understand these considerations and the cost involved, you can do TV wall mounting seamlessly. 



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