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How To Get Yourself Winter Ready With SAD

How To Get Yourself Winter Ready With SADSeasonal depression is a real challenge for many; if you are someone who is dealing with it, we do understand the struggle. We do not live in the wild where hibernation during the entire winter month is a thing. In the civilized world, we still have to go to work, and life goes on.

What is SAD?

The seasonal affective disorder is quite common in cold areas. Many do not even know that they are dealing with seasonal depression. For example, you start feeling low and less enthusiastic about waking up in the morning. Even the activities which you enjoyed during the summer months are suddenly not spiking any interest.

Seasonal depression is not that dangerous, unlike other chronic depression. It is mainly caused by the lack of melanin in our bodies. The melanin which we get from exposure to the sun.

Many start feeling gloomy as the evening sets in because the sun will be setting soon. Here is how you can welcome winter with a bang and cure your SAD.
1. Seek TherapyIf you find your symptoms going out of hand, you cannot just take this article as your saving grace. This is a sign that you might need professional help. Some individuals dealing with seasonal depression might also need to take help from antidepressants. This is mild, and only for the months you feel depressed and low.

– First, the doctor will not insist that you continue after the winter months.
– Second, if taking antidepressants actually helps you feel better, then there is no shame in taking them.
2. Romanticize The SeasonRomanticizing the season can help you release feel-good chemicals, eventually helping you grow a fondness for the season. Some of the seasonal activities which you can try to cure your SAD are-

– Aromatherapy with seasonal scents.
– Watching seasonal movies and series. Download this content for free from the pirate bay.
– Similarly, if you are a bookworm, you can read some seasonal books to get into the mood.
– Cook seasonal delights which make your entire house smell like pumpkin pies and apple tarts.3. Get Some NatureGetting out and getting some nature is very important. Yes, the sun sets fast, but it is still there for a few hours. Wake a little early to watch the beautiful sunrise, or take a stroll through the winter warmth of the sun. Anything which makes you less cranky about the season and more aligned to nature.

These few minutes in nature every day will give you your daily dose of melanin which can bring back the warmth within you.
4. Keep The Interior WarmYour interior plays a very important part in keeping you warm. It is the cold, dry, or dampness that affects our mood exponentially. What you will need right now is to keep your inside warm. Some of the common tricks are –

– Use a weighted blanket at night.
– Heater and fireplace are very important


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