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Nomad Internet Announces it will Start Providing Continuous Live Customer Support


Since its inception, Nomad Internet customers have celebrated the provider’s support services. In fact, Dan Chatham, the company’s current Technical Support Manager, joined the team after being blown away by the support he received as a Nomad Internet client. Still, Chatham says his team is always striving to “make a difference in people’s lives and help the company continue to grow and continue to get better.” And, to that end, Nomad Internet CEO Robyn Weber has made a major upgrade to the ISP’s customer service offerings—subscribers can now reach live, USA-based phone support, 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. This reflects a level of support that’s virtually unheard of among competitors in the industry. 

Meeting Customers Where They’re At

One of the guiding principles at Nomad Internet is that internet access is a right, not a privilege. To that end, the team has always found ways to meet rural customers where they’re at—even in some of the most remote areas of the country—providing them with fixed wireless internet connections that offer reliability without sacrificing speed. 

Now, Nomad Internet invests constantly in upgrading the quality of connection available to its rural customer base. In fact, a recent partnership with Verizon has allowed Nomad Internet customers to access C-Band modems and 5G equivalent service. But the team knows that fast internet is only valuable if customers can actually figure out how to use it. For that reason, Nomad Internet CEO Robyn Weber has made the decision to provide 24/7, live customer service support regardless of the subscriber’s location. And that’s not the only upgrade she’s made in efforts to better serve her loyal consumer base. 

Smooth Sailing Ahead

Not content with upgrading the Nomad Internet technical support experience, Weber wants to optimize every point of entry for her customers. As such, the company is also rolling out same-day shipping on all Nomad Internet orders, thanks to their new shipping center, ISP Supplies. Scheduled in College Station, TX, and with a wealth of experience in the WISP space, the supplier’s full-service warehouse was already providing networking equipment and services all over the country. Now, since partnering with Nomad Internet, ISP Supplies has created a dedicated area to set up test each Nomad Internet modem for quality. With this new streamlined efficiency, all orders received prior to 2 p.m. central time leave the facility on that same day.  

Additionally, Nomad Internet can now provide a 4-hour response window for customers’ emails and social media posts; a 3-minute response time for web, app, and social media chats; and no more than a 3-minute wait to access that live phone support. In announcing these service upgrades, Weber said the changes are “vital to those living in rural areas who rely on Nomad Internet as their one resource to connect to the world.” In short, she believes the new policies and upgraded support offerings “Will transform Nomad Internet, significantly and immediately.” 

Furthermore, Weber says, in expediting shipping and streamlining internal responses, Nomad Internet’s “provisioning, activations, address validation, and support will be faster and more efficient. The result of this will be more accurate billing, faster shipping, and deployment times.” In turn, she believes, Nomad Internet subscribers will feel even more confident in the reliability of their connections. And for her, that customer confidence is the ultimate endgame. Because, at the end of the day, she says that the Nomad Internet team plays “a critical role in providing essential utilities to thousands of customers across the United States.” So failing to meet or exceed expectations is simply not an option.


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