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3 Reasons to Organize Your Wedding in Arizona

Unless you have always dreamed of a wedding near the Grand Canyon, there’s a big chance you would never consider the state that was nicknamed after it as the possible location of your ideal wedding venue. Even if you are an Arizona native. 

But you might be making a mistake. With its great outdoors and so many sunny days throughout the whole year, Arizona has hosted some unforgettable weddings. In the next few lines, you top 3 reasons to organize a wedding there. We believe these 3 are so big, they are enough to persuade you. 

More affordable than in many other states

Like it or not, much of your wedding organization depends on the budget. It’s a harsh reality for some, but still, if Arizona is your state of choice, the news is pretty good. In a study done by The Knot, we can see that Arizona is somewhere in the middle of the list when it comes to overall average wedding cost. 

You might be surprised to learn that a wedding in New Jersey will cost you almost two times more than in Arizona. DC and Rhode Island are also way more expensive. So, if your budget limits you, it will feel much less so if you tie the knot in the Grand Canyon State. 

In Phoenix metropolitan area you can find absolutely everything you need 

The Phoenix metropolitan area includes the city of Scottsdale and Maricopa County to mention the possibly most famous ones. It includes great city escapes and amazing nature wonders, like parts of the Sonoran desert. 

What this means for a wedding party is that in the Valley of the Sun as this area is also called, you will find everything you need for a perfect wedding. There’s virtually any type of venue here: from open spaces in nature to elegant closed venues. All kinds of flower vendors, all types of food and drinks are available too. You can even find one of the best engagement rings collections in Scottsdale, so you are off to a good start. 


Great outdoors offering amazing activities 

The home state of the Petrified Forest National Park, and already mentioned Sonoran Desert and Grand Canyon, not only has amazing wedding venues but it also offers great things to explore with your guest before or after the wedding. 

Not so much into nature? Arizona’s got you again. You can just explore the nightlife of Phoenix with your guests or even take a shopping spree if this is something you and your invitees share a passion for. 

To conclude 

So there you have it. A wedding in Arizona is not expensive. You can easily choose a venue and everything else and find them around the same area. And you and your guests have a lot of options to do as an intro to the wedding or just after the celebration. 

If we persuaded you and you are considering Arizona now, a bonus tip from us would be to take weather into consideration. It’s great that it’s always sunny and warm, but for a summer wedding you might want to consider a closed venue or you and your guest might be too hot. 

On a slightly different note, people very often choose autumn months so, to stay out of the busy calendars and the super hot summer, consider springtime. 



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