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Ideas for Great Curb Appeal

A home entryway is the first impression visitors will get of your home. It’s supposed to give the first taste of what’s to come, and it can make a big difference in how people feel about your space. Your entryway is not just a room that leads from outside; it is a wide open area from one side of the front door, so you may want to consider treating it as an extension of that area. Here are five ways that make your home entryway have curb appeal.

1. Don’t hide the door 

While doorways can be used to hide clutter, they can also add to an entryway’s overall appeal. Instead of hiding your door and hoping everything else looks tidy enough, add something behind it so that it’s visible from inside your home and outside.

An exterior barn door gives those passing by a glance at a trendy entryway. They create a sense of openness, which makes your space seem larger than it really is. Exterior barn doors make entryways look more inviting and relaxed.

2. Keep it clutter-free

If your entryway looks cluttered, then it will be hard to notice anything else. So clear out anything that’s not necessary (like old mail, newspapers, etc.) and make sure that everything is in its right place (e.g., shoes should be lined up neatly by the door). Keep things you need to access daily within reach of the door, such as keys or briefcase.

Clutter-free entryways will make a statement about your home. It says you’re organized, and that clutter doesn’t belong there. It’s also a good idea to clean up just as you would if you were entering someone else’s home; it shows respect for the space and makes your entryway look cleaner on the inside, too.

3. Use mirrors

A mirror can make all the difference. Put up a mirror (either full length or part of it) to show off your entryway and make it feel bigger. It makes your space look more organized and clean, too. The mirrors you choose should complement each other. For instance, if you have a mirror with a stained glass design on it, then go for something more contemporary for the rest of the space.

4. Take the stairs up a few steps to create an area for shoes or coat hooks

When people come home, they will probably want to throw their shoes and other belongings in that area, especially if it’s a small house or apartment with only one entryway. A few steps up to a coat rack or hooks can make that area appear more spacious. Put your shoes in the entryway and/or keep them by the front door as a sign that you’re a tidy person.

You can also put hooks on the wall above the shoe area or even inside it. If you have children, consider getting them their coat hooks instead of putting their coats on chairs or side tables in the room, so they don’t clutter things up.

5. Make it customized

Do you want a statement piece in your home? Consider adding something to the entryway that adds color and reflects your personality. You can do this by adding a piece of artwork or a new rug.

 If you’re not into getting new things, then consider repurposing something that you already have in your home—like an old trunk or an elegant table with legs—since this doesn’t take any extra money out of your pocket.

Additionally, consider adding an area where someone can take off their shoes so that your home doesn’t become a mess. You can set it up with a mat or some pillows if you want to complete the look. Make sure that you clean it regularly so that you maintain its appeal, and don’t forget to add a dehumidifier if needed.

A home entryway can significantly affect how people feel about your home. It doesn’t take a great deal of money to make this area look good; most of these tips will only cost you time and some tools, like hooks and mirrors. It may take some time to get all these things done, but your entryway will definitely wow when it’s done.


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