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Ryan Garcia Wife of Boxer is Expecting a Second Child

If you’re a fan of boxing, you may have heard of Ryan Garcia Wife. He is one of the most successful boxers in the world, having beaten many competitors in the lightweight division. His girlfriend, Drea Celina, recently announced that they are expecting a second child.

Good Amount of Followers

Despite the fact that they have both suffered through some rough patches in their relationship, the two are still able to maintain their friendship. They often hang out with each other during the holiday season. Their social media accounts have a good amount of followers.

Although they haven’t seen each other in a while, they are still able to maintain their relationship. Ryan keeps a separate Instagram account dedicated to his daughter, Rylie Garcia. Occasionally, he posts pictures of her.

Mother of his Daughter

Ryan Garcia Wife and Drea have both been involved with a variety of people throughout the years. Before his relationship with Celina, he was with Catherine Gamez, a 2000-born Colombian girl. She was the mother of his daughter, Rylie.

After the birth of Rylie, Ryan Garcia and Drea reunited. During the holiday season, they spent time with each other’s family. But after the video of Ryan kissing TikTok star Malu Trevejo went viral, things didn’t turn out well.

Video of Ryan Kissing Malu

The video of Ryan Garcia Wife kissing Malu is something that most women wouldn’t want to watch. However, Drea and Ryan had no problem apologizing after the clip became popular.

In addition, it appears that Ryan and Drea aren’t as close as they once were. While they have shared the same Instagram account, Ryan doesn’t post a lot of photos with his girlfriend.

Mexican & Italian-American Model

Ryan Garcia Wife is a Mexican and Italian-American model and influencer who also has a huge following on Instagram. She specializes in fitness and beauty. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Andrea Celina is expected to give birth in three weeks. Her pregnancy is not yet confirmed but it is believed that she is carrying a child for Ryan. Despite their rocky past, the two seem to be getting along a lot better these days.

Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo, Ryan Garcia Wife of boxer Ryan Garcia, has been involved in several controversies. The pair first came to prominence after their kissing video went viral. Since then, they have denied they have a relationship.

Despite the recent denials, the two have been in the public eye for questionable behavior. They have been accused of homewrecking and flouting the guidelines set forth by the Covid-19 organization.

Los Angeles

The video of the two kissing in Los Angeles went viral, and Malu and Ryan have been called out for their actions. Drea Celina, who is Garcia’s girlfriend, was not happy about the photos.

Drea criticized Ryan for his actions, calling him a “terrible human” and a “piece of s***.” She also stated that she was expecting another child in seven weeks.

According to reports, the video was caught on camera outside a popular eatery in Los Angeles. The footage was later posted on Instagram. When it went viral, Drea reacted negatively to it.

History of Speed Bumps

Although they have a history of speed bumps in their relationship, the two have managed to maintain their romance. In October 2020, they announced that they were expecting their second child. A month later, they welcomed a daughter named Rylie.

After the video went viral, the duo decided to patch things up. As a result, Drea made her Instagram account private. However, she shared a statement on her Instagram story.

Drea and Malu are both known for their social media presence. Both have a large number of followers on Instagram. Their popularity has increased with the birth of their daughter, Rylie.

Malu has 8.5 million Instagram followers. Her tweets have also garnered a large following. She has also become a rising star on TikTok.

Final Words:

The couple’s relationship is very personal and they have always kept it that way. It is unclear what caused their relationship to break down.

Earlier this year, Malu and Ryan had a birthday party at a prominent mansion in Los Angeles. When the party was over, they were spotted leaving the building together. Afterwards, Malu released a video revealing their private conversation. This video has since been viewed half a million times.


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