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Who is Twitter Potus Trumphollister TheVerge?

Do you want to know who Twitter Potus Trumphollister TheVerge? Are they a real person, a bot, or a troll? Is he on Facebook, too? What are his reputation and popularity?

The New Twitter Account of Vice President Joe Biden

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have Twitter Potus Trumphollister TheVerge accounts, but they’re not exactly the same. In fact, one is affiliate with an Obama-affiliate Organizing for Action group, while the other is own by an outside company. While Obama’s account is block, the other isn’t.

Trump’s Transition Team

As President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on January 20, Twitter has decided to transfer the @POTUS account to the Biden administration. The decision is likely to cause headaches for Trump’s transition team.

President-Elect Trump

But the decision holds particular significance because President-elect Trump has refused to concede. He has alleged that Democrats stole the election and refuses to acknowledge the victory of Joe Biden.

Twitter Potus Trumphollister TheVerge has been archiving tweets from previous presidents since 2009 and will transfer official accounts associated with the Trump administration to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). However, the transfer of the POTUS account is not typical.

Personal Twitter Account

Before taking office, Trump had used his personal Twitter account to make major policy announcements and attack his opponents. His personal account was ban last week.

The new @POTUS account for President Joe Biden officially launched Wednesday. Earlier this week, the social media platform switched the official account from Donald Trump to the former vice president. This change came after Trump was ban from Twitter for nine days.

As the 45th President of the United States, Biden has the responsibility to use Twitter to keep his administration informed. However, there have been a few issues with his tweets.

High-Profile Accounts

Since the inception of the @POTUS account, it has already been follow by 1.4 million followers. However, it is not yet known how many of these are fake. An analysis of a random sample of the recent followers was done by a free tool, and the estimate is in line with other high-profile accounts.

Digital Legacy Alive

President Obama will be retiring his Twitter account on Friday. But the new administration has a strategy to keep his digital legacy alive. The White House recently announce its digital transition plan, which details how the various social media accounts associate with the president, vice president, and other key administration officials will be transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration.

According to the plan, the official @POTUS Twitter account will be convert to an account own by President-elect Donald Trump. It’s unclear how long this will take. During the transition, the Twitter account will be zero out, which will result in a loss of any historical tweets. In addition, a new account – the “POTUS” – will be create, which will be exclusively for the president.

Obama-Affiliated Organizing for Action Group

Obama has added a Twitter account to his long list of social media profiles. His Twitter account is not own by the President. But it is manage by a non-profit organization called Organizing for Action (OFA).

OFA is a 501(c)(4) non-profit group that is independent of the President. The group can tweet endorsements of candidates, without having to make a clear disclaimer.

While Organizing for Action is not directly involve in electoral campaigns, the group has been active in policy debates. It has weighed in on issues such as gun control and cybercrime. In recent months, the organization has taken a more pronounced role in the Trump administration’s efforts to unravel Mr. Obama’s policies.

Final Words:

During the Obama presidency, Organizing for Action acted as an outlet for the President’s political priorities. But it was criticize by many Democrats for not doing enough to maintain the party’s infrastructure.


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